Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1-7 Goals

Last Week:

FAIL! Okay, this week got off to a tough start, with me travelling Monday, and being sleep-deprived and behind on work Tuesday. I was also a bit more moody than usual, perhaps due to the previous two issues. Either way, Monday is a great time to re-start.


  • 4 Core Fusion Workouts
  • 2 yogaworkouts
  • 2 days mixed cardio
  • 3 days running
Monday Core Fusion, cardio
Tuesday Yoga, 6k run
Wednesday Core Fusion, cardio
Thursday rest
Friday Core Fusion, 8k run
Saturday Yoga
Sunday Core Fusion, 5k run

Nutrition: This is a bit harder, as I’ve been off the track so long I’m not sure where to start. Here’s my thoughts:

  • No more than one serving wheat per day.
  • One vegan day.
  • Watch the wine and sweets.

Yeah, it’s vague, but next week I’ll have a better idea of which direction to head…

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