Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some background info…

So, I’m no longer with FSD…the life of a volunteer can’t continue forever. What am I doing these days? Welcome to oDesk. Freelancing for the next century.

I spent some time looking for a local job—the beauty of such a disorganized legal system is that it’s not difficult to find a job, no visas necessary. The disadavantage is the pay.

There is no minimum wage in Argentina. People work for 2 pesos an hour (about the same as working for a dollar an hour in the U.S). Without any specific skills, I could probably hope for 10 pesos an hour ($3), maybe double, if I got lucky teaching English. (Very lucky, since I have no formal training in the language, and the market is somewhat flooded.)

So, I was looking into oDesk, which also pays fairly low, but has the advantage of having a large pool of English-speaking clientele, who love the idea of hiring a native-English speaking college graduate for less than minimum wage.

I’ve gone through a number of jobs, some short term, some longer ones…here’s the current run-down:

Loftstel: I coordinate reservations for a series of 6 hostels in New York City, respond to emails, and manage availability.

Abaxio: Dipping my feet in the high-tech world, I’ve been helping provide customer support for a company specializing in offsite data backup.

Personal Assistant: My latest gig is helping a busy executive/mom schedule her personal life. Menu-planning, on-line grocery shopping, and planning weekend getaways are part of my daily responsibilities. Although it’s still new, I’m loving it!

How does it all work out? No make-up, no work clothes, no commute, not bad! I miss the office environment, and having daily interactions with real co-workers, but until I can find something that pays me enough to live on, it works. And I have a cuddly kitty keeping me company all day!


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